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INTERCOM 2015 Washington DC

INTERCOM 2015 – Leadership for a Sustainable Museum


28-31 October 2015

Washington DC, USA

Rapidly proliferating digital technologies, fluctuating economies, changing demographics, shifting audience expectations, and uncertain funding models have created challenges and opportunities that place today’s museums in an ever-accelerating environment of change.

Some museums have embraced these changes to encourage innovation, seek new efficiencies, tap new audiences, revise business models, and enhance their missions. Others are struggling to reconcile their time-honored programs and policies--and existing resources—with the new realities.

What does this mean for our museums? Innovation comes with risk, and experimentation requires a tolerance for failure. Museums constitute a public trust for the long-term benefit of their communities—not simply project-to-project, quarter to quarter, year to year, but for generations. By embracing innovation and change, must we compromise stability? How do we reconcile short-term demands with our long-term responsibilities? How, in an era of mutability, can we ensure strong, stable, and worthy institutions with relevance for today, and endurance for the future? The three key themes of the conference are:

1. The Sustainable Leader

2. The Enduring Organization

3. The Essential Museum

Visit the conference-site: http://www.museumleadership.com/

INTERCOM 2014 - The Social Impact of Museums

1-4 May 2014

Taipei, Taiwan

21st century museum management is confronted with many social challenges. Museums have to be more active in trying to reconsider their social value so that they can fulfill their duty of social responsibility.  INTERCOM together with the Federation of International Human Rights Museums (FIHRM) discussed The Social Impact of Museums and underlying challenges in contemporary museum management in three key themes:

1. Museum Value and Valuation
2. Social Memories and Equality Empowerment
3. Social enterprise and working with communities

Go to conference website to read some of the papers and presentations from the conference.


ICOM Memorial Lectures 2013 - PUBLICATION OUT NOW!


We are delighted to announce that the joint event A Special Evening of Memorial Lectures with ICOM Austria, ICTOP, ICEE, and CECA which took place in Rio is now available as an online publication.

Big thanks to Hadwig Krautler for overseeing the coordination of this project and thank you to Luisa de Pena, Director General of the Dominican Resistance Memorial Museum who delivered the 8th Stephen E. Weil Memorial Lecture on The Museum: Memory, Human Rights and Participatory Communities.

Download the publication (pdf)

INTERCOM 2013 - Museums and Human Rights: a great success!


INTERCOM held a successful meeting at the ICOM Rio conference this August and we would like to thank everyone who attended our sessions.

One of the key outcomes of the meeting in collaboration with FIHRM (Federation of Internationa Human Rights Museums) was the Rio declaration.

RIO DECLARATION (13 August 2013)

"INTERCOM and FIHRM reject all forms of intolerance and discrimination and call upon governments in all nations to respect and celebrate different political, sexual and religious preferences and to encourage their museum communities to explore issues, free from the fear of censorship or political pressure."

"INTERCOM y la FIHRM rechazan toda forma de intoleranciaydiscriminacióny hacen un llamamiento a todos losgobiernosen todas lasnacionespara respetar y celebrar las diferenciaspolíticas, sexuales y religiosas,asícomoa animar a sus comunidades museisticas a explorar estos aspectos libres de temor a ser censurados o recibir presionespolíticas. "

If you support the Rio Declaration, we would like to hear from you. We would like to share the message as widely as possible, so please do contribute a translation in another language if you can. Write to us.

Papers from the speakers will be available soon to download - watch this space.

Calling for translations! The Torreon Declaration for museums worldwide!

The Torreon Declaration was made at the 2009 annual meeting of INTERCOM, which was held in Torreon, Mexico and attended by over 180 deegates from 20 countries across all continents. The Torreon Declaration indicates that museums around the world are now active in displaying and analysing the many and complex aspects of human rights and the representation of minorities and other disadvantaged groups. We would like to disseminate the message as widely as possible and would like you to contribute by sending us a version in your language.

Click here for more information

Please send us your translation to intercom@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk

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Torreon Declaration

Museum Responsibility to Promote Human Rights

INTERCOM believes that it is a fundamental responsibility of museums, wherever possible, to be active in promoting diversity and human rights, respect and equality for people of all origins, beliefs and background.