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INTERCOM 2017 Kolkata

INTERCOM 2017: Entrepreneurial Management


20-25 November 2017


Kolkata (former Calcutta), India


What is Entrepreneurial Management? The adjective “entrepreneurial” is used in a host of varying contexts and embodies a wide variety of meanings and implications. ICOM INTERCOM 2017 proposes to delineate Entrepreneurial Management within culture, tourism, museum and heritage contexts in referring to the concepts, skills, and paradigms associated with managing large and smaller institutions with flexibility, innovation, responsiveness and competitive advantage.

Why Entrepreneurial Management? Museums, heritage and tourism bodies in many parts of India, Asia and many other parts of the world have for too long been run on a deficit model depending on government support and status quo. It is true that heritage collections and sites are a permanent liability for the state which is the custodian of people’s heritage. However, current economic times demand that these agencies are responsive and relevant to their stakeholder groups and engage in ethically grounded practice and development. Moreover, the rapid growth of tourism requires responsible and sustainable use of non-renewable heritage resources. These imperatives require entrepreneurial and ethical management paradigms for productive regional cultural development within the boarder markets of geopolitical formations such as ASEM, APEC, EU and UNESCO.

Call for papers (download PDF)

Deadline for proposals: 28 August 2017

For enquiries contact INTERCOM Secretary Berit Fruelund Kjaerside at intercom@kulturstyrelsen.dk