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INTERCOM 2015 Washington DC


INTERCOM 2015 – Leadership for a Sustainable Museum

28-31 October 2015

Washington DC, USA

Rapidly proliferating digital technologies, fluctuating economies, changing demographics, shifting audience expectations, and uncertain funding models have created challenges and opportunities that place today’s museums in an ever-accelerating environment of change.

Some museums have embraced these changes to encourage innovation, seek new efficiencies, tap new audiences, revise business models, and enhance their missions. Others are struggling to reconcile their time-honored programs and policies--and existing resources—with the new realities.

What does this mean for our museums? Innovation comes with risk, and experimentation requires a tolerance for failure. Museums constitute a public trust for the long-term benefit of their communities—not simply project-to-project, quarter to quarter, year to year, but for generations. By embracing innovation and change, must we compromise stability? How do we reconcile short-term demands with our long-term responsibilities? How, in an era of mutability, can we ensure strong, stable, and worthy institutions with relevance for today, and endurance for the future? The three key themes of the conference are:

1. The Sustainable Leader

2. The Enduring Organization

3. The Essential Museum