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INTERCOM - FIHRM 2016: The ethical museum

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4-6 July 2016
Milan, Italy

Held during the ICOM 2016 General Conference on Museums and Cultural Landscapes

INTERCOM and the Federation of International Human Rights Museums (FIHRM, ICOM Affiliated Organisation) are once again joining forces in 2016 to hold a meeting on current thinking in museum ethics under the overall ICOM conference theme of Museums and Cultural Landscapes.

The INTERCOM and FIHRM session will consider the political, social and economic landscapes of museums and the ethical challenges that these might pose. We will look at current museum thinking in managing the external environment and consider international case studies concerned with ethical dilemmas such as sponsorship, illicit trafficking, migration, and human rights.

What are the implications for managing museums successfully? What obligation does the museum have to its governing body? And to the public? How can a museum code of ethics support museums to resolve some of these conflicts?

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Summary programme:

Sunday 3 July 2016




INTERCOM Board Meeting and Board Elections

Monday 4 July 2016


Location: MiCo, Room Blue 1
(North Wing – Level +1)



Welcome and keynote speeches

Panel: Ethical Perspectives and museum management


Tuesday 5 July 2016

Location: MiCo, Room Blue 1 (North Wing – Level +1)



Panel: Ethics in current museum landscapes




ICOM Memorial Lectures 2016

includes the INTERCOM Stephen E. Weil Memorial Lecture

ICOM General conference programme


Wednesday 6 July 2016

Location: MiCo, Room Blue 1 (North Wing – Level +1)


Panel: Politics and display



Panel: Sustainability and ethics



Panel: Social responsibility and engagement


Thursday 7 July 2016


offsite visits to be confirmed

Friday 8 July 2016


ICOM conference programme