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INTERCOM 2006 - a great success!

The INTERCOM 2006 conference and annual meeting on 'New Roles and Missions for Museums' took place from 2-4 November in Taipei, Taiwan. The meeting brought together museum professionals and academics from 16 countries who exchanged ideas and shared experiences of global challenges that museums are currently facing. For three full days, speakers and delegates from all over the world spoke around topics of new social relevance of museums, local and regional identities, the importance of international activity and got a taste of some of Taiwan's great museums.

INTERCOM would like to congratulate the Council for Cultural Affairs Taiwan and the Chinese Association of Museums and all the partners and supporters for organising such a successful event and thank everyone for their generous welcome in the beautiful city of Taipei.

President of INTERCOM, Dr David Fleming, said: "Our Taiwanese hosts organised what I consider to be the best international conference I have ever attended. Everything about the conference was first class, and I am delighted that INTERCOM, which goes from strength to strength, chose to hold our annual meeting in Taipei. We are now looking forward to next year's meeting in Vienna."

Download Papers

Download the papers from the conference as pdf files

1. A new Social Relevance - Human vs. Economic Values

Serge Renimel, Museums face their future: The challenge of the global eocnomy

Lynda Kelly, Measuring the impact of museums on their communities: The role of the 21st century museum

Jacob Mhando Nyangila, Museums and Community Involvement: A case study of community collaborative initiatives National Museums of Kenya

Christian Waltl, Museums for Visitors: Audience Development - a crucial role for successful museum management strategies

HUANG Hsu, The embodiment of the social roles of modern museums: a study on the space and body in the modern museums

Theresa McNichol, Inverting western business models: Why museum practices are key to a new management paradigm

2. Local, regional and national identity

Gary Edson, The local, regional and national identity challenge

Greg McManus, Community Facility or Tourism Product? Managing the multiple identities of a small museum

Shyamalkanti Chakravarti, Stretch thy hand museum!

TSENG CHEN Huan, On the fostering of a national identity: Retrospective and Discussion of the NAtional Palace Museum's new major international loan exhibitions in 2003

WU Dai-Rong, Cultural hegemony in the museum world

Ronald Chin-Jung TSAO, Museums for peace: Identity peace msueums and human rights parks

Christina Chun HSU, The journey of standardization and improvement in museum practice - The evalution of regional museums in Taiwan

3. Different Types/Roles for Museums from the Persepctives of Management

Sherene Suchy, Museum Management: Emotional value and community engagement

YEUNG Chun-Tong, The most important collection of a small museum

Frederick Karnaja Mirara, Developing a 21st century museum in Kenya

Yvette Staelens, The cultural crucible - A management and policy direction for regional and local museums?

CHEN Hui Chan, HO Chuan-Kun, HO Ming-Chyuan, A new communication model in the natural history museum

Francoise McClafferty, Turning data into insight

Bharat Raj Rawat, New role of museum resource management

HSIEH, Yung-Cheng, HSU Sheng-Chieh, New opportunities for traditional arts - A case of the Hong-gah Museum

4. International Activity

Amareswar Galla, Museums in sustainable heritage development: A case study for Vietnam

David Fleming, International Activity

Leon Paroissien, Museum governance and funding: International issues requiring local analysis and informed solutions

Meredith Blake, Navigating our Pacific Heritage: Museums preserving traditions, meditating development and building local, regional and international relationships

HUANG Kuang Nan; LAY Ying-Ying, International exhibitions and Taiwan experience - An analysis of three successful cases

Sue Runyard, The three faces of Kew

SUNG Kee-In, Korean Museums: Modernization and participation in international activities

5. New challenges: What role for local/central governments?

Mino Yutaka, Museum changes a city

KIM Byung-Mo, Major activities od museums in Korea from 2000 to 2006

Rahah Haji Hasan, Management practices in two of the oldest museums in Malaysia

Petra Heimann, The construction of law for "foundations" as the responsible body for cultural institutions in Germany exemplified by the foundation of Gerhard-Marcks-Stiftung in Bremen

CHEN Kuo-Nieng, National cultural strategy and the new visions of local museum management - Assessment of the implementation of the "Regional Cultural Museum Plan" funded by the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA), Taiwan

TIEN Chieh-Ching, Collaborations in museums: The evolution of cross-sector collaboration

Alix Slater, A new era for Taiwanese museums: Opportuntities for the future

The first Stephen E. Weil Memorial Lecture

Keynote speech by David Fleming, President of INTERCOM. Download it as a Word document:

Museums as Social Enterprise by David Fleming (November 2006)

Photos from the Conference

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