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Vienna 20-22 August 2007

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Leading Creativity

Creativity depends on human imagination, inspiration, and visionary zeal and is the main source of all future growth. In the museum context creativity is the leading edge for all services and vital for the development of successful museum programmes that engage the public and broaden access. Without creativity, museums would be stale and dusty carers of heritage objects. It is therefore a main task for museum leaders to cultivate creative resources, mobilize ideas and make connections between different ways of thinking and different types of people within a museum organisation.

David Fleming, Leading Creativity - Keynote speech

Claudia Haas, Elisabeth Menasse, The Internal and External Profile of Museums: Mind the Gap

Steve Gower, Renewal of the Australian War Memorial

Carol Scott, Advocating the Value of Museums

Frederick Karanja, Leading Creativity: Creating and Sustaining Visits to Museums in the 21st century

Ying-Ying Lai, The Old is New: Creative Agenda of Exhibitions and the Museum's Strategy

Maisy Stapleton, Leading Creativity - a Shared Leadership Model

Sylvia Mader, Low budget projects need extraordinary dedication


Leading Diversity Agendas

The roles and purposes of museums have radically changed over the past few decades. Museums as agents of social change have a moral obligation to seek to achieve a profile that reflects the diversity of society in all its aspects such as gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, economic and social status, sexualities or physical abilities. Museum Leaders have a role to play in creating visions, formulating strategies and implementing reflective policies that help to consistently deliver services which contribute towards a more equal society. We are looking here for best practice models, diversity strategies, case studies and examples to share experiences more widely within the international museum community and possibly beyond.

Rick West, Leading Diversity Agendas - Keynote speech

Mark Taylor, Workforce Diversity

Nina Katschnig, Diversity as a Museum Concept - The Art Brut Centre Gugging

Michael Koh, Heritage Institutions as an Integrated Platform for Diversity and Creativity in a Multicultural Society

Stephen E. Weil Memorial Lecture

Museums Outside-In (download as PDF file)

with Gail Dexter Lord, Lord Cultural Resources, Toronto, Canada

The lecture was supported by a special ICOM grant to celebrate ICOM's 60th Anniversary.


National Library gl

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Photos of Vienna and the INTERCOM Excursion

Naturhistorisches Museum
Museums Quartier
Gasthaus Bonka -Frederick Karanja
Klosterneuerburg 2
Essl Collection
Winetasting 1
Winetasting 2
Group photo


The excursion on Wednesday 23 August gave participants the possibility to gain a better insight into management and leadership practice of some of the best museum institutions outside of Vienna. We visited

- Art Brut Centre and the Kunstlerhaus

- Gasthaus Bonka for a lovely traditional meal of typical dishes inluding the famous Wiener Schnitzel and Apfel Strudel

- Stift Klosterneuburg

- The Essl Collection of Contemporary Art

- and finally Aignerhof for wine tasting and the traditional "Jause".

If you have any photos you would like to share, please email us at intercom@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk