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INTERCOM focuses on ideas, issues and practices relating to the management of museums, within an international context. The principle actions in management are to plan, resource, implement, evaluate and adjust, based on an identified vision.

INTERCOM's interests include, but are not limited to: governance; management practice in a theoretical framework; international law as it relates to museums; human and financial resource management; and the financing of museums.

INTERCOM provides four main vehicles for the exploration and exchange of ideas and practice: a yearly meeting for its members; regular information updates via email and a web site. The fourth vehicle, while more informal, is the development of a network of professionals who are actively involved in the management of museums and related institutions in order to exchange and compare information informally.

INTERCOM Board Members 2016-2019

Ole Winther (Chair) (re-elected)

Head of Division, Cultural Institutions&Operational Support

Heritage Agency Denmark


Berit Fruelund Kjærside (Secretary) (re-elected)
Senior Adviser Cultural Institutions and Operational Support
Danish Agency for Culture

David Fleming (re-elected)
National Museums Liverpool

Andrea Kajer (joined November 2012) (re-elected)
Deputy Director, External Relations
Minnesota Historic Society

Kimmo Levä (re-elected)
Secretary General
The Finnish Museums Association

Sergio Garzia Orellano (re-elected)
Project Manager
Museo Arocena

Yui Tan Chang (new member)
National Museum of Natural History


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