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Response Paper to "Beyond Management"

by Alissandra Cummins, Barbados Museum and Historical Society

This paper is also available in PDF format

Response Paper presented at Achieving Excellence: Museum Leadership in the 21st Century INTERCOM/CMA conference held in Ottawa, Canada, September 6-9, 2000.


J.A. Froude wrote about the British West Indies in 1888 saying that " in the Caribbean there has been romance , but it has been the romance of pirates and outlaws".[T]here are no people here in the true sense of the word.". (1) Froude's perspective as a British historian was not unusual, in that his obvious superiority enabled him to comment superciliously on the lack of a recognisable heritage, while at the same time his ethnocentrism would not permit the acknowledgment of either indigenous Amerindian or recently enfranchised African as ‘real people' , capable of engendering a real history to any place.

The process of emerging as a true people then, involves both the valorization of existence/experience and its authentic representation in the annals of history , in the exhibition halls of the museum. The shadow of Froude and colonial history in general, makes it imperative that when addressing notions of Caribbean identity , that we first or simultaneously address those specific historical conditions which legitimized notions of a cultural vacuum. Various manifestations of exile and many consequences of this sense of cultural inadequacy still haunt Caribbean cultural phenomena . In the words of the legendary Bob Marley there is still a need to "emancipate yourself from mental slavery",(2) a need which both audience and academic alike, are increasingly expectant that Caribbean museums can and must address...

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Response Paper to Beyond Management

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