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The Norwegian Museum Authority and Strategic Planning

by Harald Mehus, Head of Administration and Deputy Director, Norwegian Museum Authority

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Paper presented at the Achieving Excellence: Museum Leadership In The 21st Century INTERCOM/CMA conference held in Ottawa, Canada, September 6-9, 2000.

1. Background - The Norwegian museum landscape

A predominant position of museums in the capital cities is often a characteristic of other European countries. In Norway, however, large museums with really extensive collections do not exist. Reasonably strong, both national and regional museums with significant collections are located both in Oslo and in other larger cities.

A large proportion of museum funding in Norway comes from the public sector. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs is responsible for 15 museums and partly responsible for the operation of more than 300 museums via contributory funding to19 different regional authorities. The 5 university museums in Norway are affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs. Certain museums belong under the Ministries of Defence and of Transport and Communications. The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for cultural heritage sites and monuments...

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The Norwegian Museum Authority and Strategic Planning

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