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Triennial Business Meeting
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
Seoul, Korea

The President, Nancy Hushion (Canada) opened the meeting and welcomed all members. She stated a quorum was present. There were approximately 25 members present.

Approval of Agenda:

Robert Spickler (Canada) MOVED that the agenda be accepted as proposed. CARRIED.

Minutes of 2001 Triennial Business Meeting

Ed Able (USA) MOVED the acceptance of the Minutes of INTERCOMís Triennial Business Meeting, July 4th 2001 held in Barcelona, Spain. CARRIED.

Presidentís Report

The President gave a full report on the status and activities of the Committee. She reported on annual board meetings which have been held in Paris, Bilbao and Liverpool and she sincerely thanked the Board members for their support. All of the activities of INTERCOM are thanks to the volunteer actions of its Board and other members. Volunteerism is essential for the undertakings of this committee due to the small funds received from ICOM.

In addition she reported that INTERCOM had held annual conferences including one in Dublin, Ireland in 2002 thanks to Aiden Walsh with some 75 delegates. In late 2003, we held a conference in Canberra, Australia thanks to Steve Gower with over 100 delegates. Finally, John McAvity organized the meetings in Seoul, Korea at this ICOM conference and she thanked him for a strong program. In addition, she reported that the Mission Statement (which she read) had been revised and approved by the Board. This will be posted on the website in the near future.

Web Site: While INTERCOM has launched a website, www.icom.museum/intercom, Nancy Hushion acknowledged more work needs to be done to make this a more effective source of information.

List Serve: She thanked John McAvity for establishing INTERCOMís list serve which is known as INTERCOM-L. She invited members to post news, enquiries and events on it. Its address is intercom-l@chin.gc.ca.

Finally, she reported that her term as President is at its end under ICOM statutes. She has served 2 full terms of 3 years each as President of INTERCOM.

Jose Ortiz (USA) MOVED the adoption of the Presidentís report. CARRIED.

Financial Report

The President is maintaining the bank accounts of INTERCOM in a Canadian bank. She tabled a financial statement which shows a balance of $4,148.38 Canadian (or approx 2,500 Euro). In addition, a surplus from the Canberra conference will be added to this of some $5,000 Australian thanks to the good work of Steve Gower.

However, she cautioned members to realize that the International Committees of ICOM only receive a small share of membersí dues each year. Presently this amount is 6.8Euro per voting member. INTERCOM has approximately 180 voting members of record. Hence the vast majority of work undertaken in the name of the Committee is volunteer and contributed by supporting membersí organizations.

Nominations and Election of New Board 2004-2007

(See contact information)

On behalf of the Nominations Committee, Nancy Hushion read out the nominations for the INTERCOM Board for the term of 2004-2007. The nominations are:

For President of INTERCOM:

David Fleming, Director, National Museums Liverpool, UK

For Board members:

Steve Gower, Director, Australian War Memorial, AUSTRALIA

Joy Ice, Director, Museum of International Folk Art, USA

John McAvity, Executive Director, Canadian Museums Association, CANADA

Greg McManus, Director, Roturua Museum, NEW ZEALAND

Arantza Odiga, Counsel, Guggenheim, Bilboa, SPAIN

Jose Ortiz, The Cloisters, Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

Wu Shu-ying, Council for Cultural Affairs, TAIWAN

Katerina Tlachova, Moravska Galerie, CZECH REPUBLIC

Aiden Walsh, Museums Consultant, IRELAND

It was MOVED by Ed Able (USA) to approve the nominations as presented. CARRIED.

Nancy Hushion congratulated the new Board members and thanked the previous board members.

Address of New President

David Fleming first thanked Nancy Hushion for her excellent job as President of INTERCOM and also thanked the continuing Board members for their commitment. He welcomed the new Board members and spoke of the tremendous effort involved in running an international committee with such few financial resources. He encouraged members to see the value in ďthinking globallyĒ.

A vote of thanks was made for the retiring President, Nancy Hushion.

Suggestions for future actions of INTERCOM

At the request of the President, members were invited to make suggestions for future actions of the committee. Some of the suggestions made were as follows: ∑ A request to add email addresses to the website for Board members ∑ To investigate the economics of Heritage on a broad basis ∑ An invitation was received to hold an INTERCOM conference in Taiwan in 2005 ∑ To consider the position of museum in broad public policy issues ∑ To foster stronger lobbying for the museum sector, and linkages with Friends organizations

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by the President.

John McAvity Secretary Treasurer INTERCOM

5 October 2004

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