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INTERCOM 2009 - museums working in partnership - a great success!

INTERCOM's annual meeting in Torreon in Mexico was another successful international conference with over 180 delegates from more than 20 countries across the world. Over three days, delegates discussed challenges of museums working in partnership and the museum's role in society today. Thanks to a generous grant from the Getty Foundation, we were able to offer grants to 12 delegates from low income countries who would not have been able to attend otherwise.

One of the most important outcomes of the conference was the agreement that museums need to take their social responsibility very seriously. As a result of these discussions, the Torreon Declaration was agreed with much acclaim by all delegates. The declaration makes a strong and important statement for museums to actively work towards promoting diversity and human rights.

Papers online now

Papers from the conference are now available. Click here to look at the list of papers and download presentations.

Stephen Weil Memorial Lecture

The fourth Stephen Weil Memorial Lecture was delivered by David Fleming, President of INTERCOM. It is entitled the Diverse Museum. You can read the memorial lecture by clicking on the link below.

The Diverse Museum


INTERCOM Declaration of Museum Responsibility to Promote Human Rights

INTERCOM believes that it is a fundamental responsibility of museums, wherever possible, to be active in promoting diversity and human rights, respect and equality for people of all origins, beliefs and background.

Déclaration d’INTERCOM concernant la responsabilité des musées dans la promotion des droits de l'Homme

INTERCOM est d'avis que les musées ont une responsabilité fondamentale de promouvoir activement, dans la mesure du possible, les droits de l'Homme, le respect et l'égalité de toute personne, peu importe leur provenance, leurs croyances ou origines


Declaration de INTERCOM para la promotion de los derechos humanos en los museos

INTERCOM cree ferviertemente que es una responsabilidad fundamental para los museos, siempre que sea posible, ser una institucion activa en la promocion de la diversidad y los derechos humanos, respeto e igualdad para todas las personas, si importar origen, creencias y procedencia.